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The Climate Science certification will launch in mid-2020.

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How can we solve Climate Change?
The Climate Equation

Global CO2 emissions can be seen as the product of:

  1. World population
  2. Consumption per person
  3. CO2 emissions of the average product or service consumed (during production & use)

Reducing one of these three terms to zero would reduce global CO2 emissions to zero. Right now, sustainable energy is the most important challenge. Let’s learn how we can solve it!

Our Principles
We are a UK-based non-profit working with volunteers from all around the world.

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Our articles and courses reference scientific reports & papers to help you trust what you read.

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We try to explain things simply, and focus on what’s most important to solve climate change.

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Promote work on clean energy, recycling, sustainable agriculture, and other major challenges.
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Learning App

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Our crash course is already available. 16 more detailed courses will follow in the coming months.

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We answer questions like “Can planting trees solve climate change?” by explaining scientific topics in plain English.

Supported by

Nature-Based Solutions Initiative (University of Oxford)

The Nature-based Solutions Initiative provides scientific evidence for policy makers on how to use nature to adapt to and mitigate climate change.

Cambridge Zero (University of Cambridge)

The University of Cambridge is launching an ambitious new climate change initiative to create a zero-carbon future. In this capacity, it supports and connects innovative projects and research.

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