Why are we growing plants in fish water?

Article by Caitlin Walker and Mina Frost.

Water from a fish tank can be removed, used to grow plants, then recycled back for the fish to swim in again [1]. This is called “aquaponics” [1].

Fish can’t survive in the same water for long [2]; they make lots of waste that needs to be removed [3]. But what is waste to some is a life-source to others [1]: the waste contains essential nutrients for plants [1]! As well as making use of nutrients, pumping water through this cycle 24/7 also means over 95% of water is reused [4]. With this method, you can grow lush leafy vegetables without need for fertilisers, pesticides, a lot of space, or rainwater [1,5,6]!

This whole system is soil-free! See our next post to find out how and why some farmers are turning away from growing plants in soil.


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