What should we do about population growth?

12 thousand years ago, there were 4 million people on the planet [1] – nowadays, there are twice as many people living just in London [2] (swipe)!

About 2 hundred years ago the global population started to grow very rapidly [1]. There are now about 7.7 billion of us [3] and it’s predicted that we will reach about 9.7 billion by 2050 [3].

Take a look at the graph (swipe!). You can see how fast the population is growing, and that it will start to plateau in the future around 2100 [1].

Remember the climate equation? Total emissions = P x C x E.

If we are to stop climate change then we need the total of global emissions to be zero [4]!

But we clearly can’t have zero people (P)! So, instead we must look at reducing consumption per person (C) or the Greenhouse Gas emissions per service (E). You’ll see this in the next few posts! :))


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