What is climate change?

Our planet is rapidly changing, and it’s not for the better [2]. Take a look at the graph [2].

Earth’s average temperature has increased by about 1.1°C since pre-industrial times [2] (1850-1900 [3]).

This doesn’t sound like much – you feel bigger changes in temperature just moving from the sunlight into the shade [4]. Temperature varies by much more than 1°C at different times of day, and from place to place [5]. But the small change in average global temperature has dramatic effects on the climate as a whole [1].

Importantly, temperatures have risen by much more in many places [6].

Take a look at the map (swipe!).It shows how the January to June 2019 temperatures compared to the 1981-2010 average [7]. Whilst some parts of the Earth were cooler, most were warmer, with places such as Siberia being 4-5°C hotter [7].


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