What is a Climate Model?

Article by Hazell Ransome.

You may have heard a lot about what climate change could do to the planet: soaring heatwaves, wildfires, failing crops… But how do we know this?

It’s all down to climate models. A climate model is a computer programme designed to create simulations of how the climate will change in the future [1].

The models are based on scientific equations [2,3,4] and tested and improved using current and historic climate data [5,6]. Once scientists know that a climate model simulates past climates well they can use these models to make predictions about how the climate will change in the future [7].

These predictions are essential for scientists to see how global warming will affect life on Earth in the future [8] and for policymakers to know what to do to limit the damage [9,10].

Over the next few posts we’ll look at climate models in more detail, how they work, how they’re tested and how they help us!


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