International Youth Day

International Youth Day

Date: August 12, 2020

Author: Joel Chan

Artist: Susan Brigham-Ward

It has been said that the youth of today are the leaders of the tomorrow.⁣ ⁣

The urgency of the climate crisis we face has forced young people to step up in the fight against climate change [1,2]. For this International Youth Day [3], we want to highlight the ways in which young people at the local, national and global levels are engaging with the fight for change and creating a better future. ⁣ ⁣

Around the world, young people are leading the charge to change our continually evolving society: from local movements, such as planting mangroves to protect against floods [4,5], to global movements like “Fridays For Future” which are global school strikes. This has, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, sped up climate change policy action [6].⁣ ⁣

Young people are also great at getting older people to act. Research shows that having young activists at the United Nations climate talks makes leaders more likely to pass meaningful legislation [7], and children have been shown to increase environmental concern among their parents [8].⁣ ⁣

Climate Science also benefits greatly from our passionate youth volunteers. Our volunteers, who are as young as 14, create communities to bring reliable climate change education to schools. Young people contribute to our content, our art, organising projects and even hold leadership positions in Climate Science. Climate Science would not be where it is today without the passion and drive of our youth volunteers. ⁣ ⁣

This International Youth Day, let us celebrate the achievements of youths who have fought for the causes they believe in and for it to be a call to action for any other young person who believes in the need for change. Advocate for your cause and be the change you want to see in the world. ⁣ ⁣