How can your career help solve climate change?

Although we may feel helpless at times, individuals can have a big impact on slowing climate change provided we work together [1].

People are becoming increasingly concerned by climate change; perhaps you or someone you know suffers from eco-anxiety [2]. But knowing how you can make a difference might help!

One of the best things an individual can do is use their career to tackle climate change.

For example, you could work on developing methods to slow and adapt to climate change, from low-carbon energy sources to better farming methods. Alternatively, you could work on the policy side to implement these advances [3]. If you already have an established career, work to make your sector as planet-friendly as possible [5,6].

You can also take personal action to tackle climate change by changes in lifestyle [1] and by voting & campaigning [4]. But you’ll have to wait for the next posts for more on that!


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