Choose a job to fix climate change?

You worry about climate change. So use your career to fix it! We will describe roles that play a key part in developing solutions to climate change.

ENGINEER. The cost of solar energy has decreased dramatically [1]; so much that it is now cheaper than coal in many places [5]. This is huge. It allowed the US [2] and the UK [3] to largely replace coal with natural gas and renewables [4]. This massive technological improvement is only possible due to the hard work of engineers. We have lots of difficult problems left to solve: building even more efficient solar, wind, and nuclear [6], making Carbon Capture cheaper [7], making sustainable batteries [13], and many many more problems. For example job descriptions, check out references [8,9,10].

SCIENTIST. Biologists, Chemists, Physicists, Geologists (study rocks), Climate Scientists, Computer Scientists, and everything in between – we need more of them working to help develop a sustainable world. There is an endless list of possible projects, from developing crops that can cope with drought [11], to working out where we can store captured CO2 [12]. Scientists work with engineers, and also come up with new approaches to the problems that engineers attempt to solve.

BUSINESS DIRECTOR. Scientists and engineers invent and build things within a company or university. But someone needs to lead that company or university. Directors need to build a great team, keep the team motivated, organise funding, be good at selling the idea, etc. This requires a business mindset like any other company’s leader must have. The difference: you work on projects that end up helping the world.

POLITICIAN. Democracy makes it hard for very effective climate policy to be achieved (as we covered a while ago in another post). Still, as a politician you can contribute greatly by directing government funds in the right directions and voting for strict regulation on companies. Moreover, you can be a face and voice in politics that supports climate change.

Aim high, work hard, smile, and go change the world!


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