And on that farm he had a drone, E-I-E-I-O!

Article by Caitlin Walker and Mina Frost.

Agriculture and climate change can’t be separated: farming is both a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions and hugely threatened by climate change [1]! Can we turn to technology for solutions?

The use of technology in agriculture is growing so fast that it has earned its own buzz word: AgTech [2]! Tech startups of this sort were worth US$16.9 billion in 2018, increasing 43% from the year before [3].

Somewhere in the world people are farming on rooftops [4], layering lettuces on top of each other [5], weeding with robots [6], harvesting with driverless tractors [7] and pollinating apple trees with drones [8].

Can innovations help solve the climate crisis? Find out more in our next few posts!


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