The best of both worlds

Founded out of our own need for accessible and reliable information on climate change solutions.

Learn about real solutions to climate change.

Our 3 principles

The values behind our mission, decision-making, and content creation process.

Reliable & Scientific

Our articles and courses reference scientific reports & papers to help you trust what you read.

Brief & Understandable

We try to explain things simply, and focus on what’s most important to solve climate change.

Promote Innovation

We promote work on clean energy, recycling, sustainable agriculture, and other major challenges.

How do we achieve this?

1. Concept

Our team does initial research to decide what each course should cover. We aim to consider as many perspectives as we can.

2. Write, Review, Repeat

At least 3 internal content reviewers give feedback to ensure accuracy & understandability. We usually do 3 to 15 iterations of this.

3. Community

We send drafts to some of our community members including students, teachers, professionals, and more.

4. Expert Validation

We ask external to review our ‘final’ drafts, discussing and implementing their feedback.

A Charity organised like a Startup.

Over 100 volunteers contributed. 28 countries.​ 1 shared goal.

Our Founders

Eric Steinberger

In his 21 years on planet Earth, Eric has done research at MIT, Facebook AI, TU Vienna, and Luxembourg Universities – all before completing his first year at the University of Cambridge.

This was possible because of free online education. When he was 14, he started studying Physics and Computer Science through MIT’s “Open Courseware” program, and other online material.

Consequently, Eric understands the impact online education can have and wants to use this to help the next generation of brilliant climate enthusiasts learn what they need to know in order to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Beyond work, Eric enjoys hiking, rock music, and animated movies.

Isabel Key

Isabel has always loved communicating science through art and design. She graduated from Natural Sciences with a specialisation in zoology at the University of Cambridge.

After that, she started working as a research assistant at the Nature-based Solutions Initiative (NBSI) at the University of Oxford, where she conducts research into climate change adaptation, forests, and ecosystems.

Isabel regularly supports charities and environmental initiatives with her artwork that illustrates scientific topics she discovered through her degree at Cambridge and through her volunteering with various research and conservation programs in an engaging yet cute way.

Academic Partners

Nature-Based Solutions Initiative (University of Oxford)

The Nature-based Solutions Initiative provides scientific evidence for policy makers on how to use nature to adapt to and mitigate climate change.

Cambridge Zero (University of Cambridge)

The University of Cambridge is launching an ambitious new climate change initiative to create a zero-carbon future. In this capacity, it supports and connects innovative projects and research.

Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes

Australian Government-funded research center on climate change with a network of hundreds of climate scientists.

Advised by

Prof. Emily Shuckburgh

Climate Scientist, University of Cambridge

Experience: Director, Cambridge Zero; Associate Fellow, Centre for Science & Policy Cambridge; Reader at Environmental Data Science University of Cambridge; Fellow & Co-chair at Royal Meteorological Society; Advisor at UK Government.

Prof. Nathalie Seddon

Professor of Biodiversity, University of Oxford

Experience: Professor of Biodiversity, University of Oxford; Senior Associate of the International Institute for Environment and Development; Senior Fellow of the Oxford Martin School. Founder & Director of Nature-based Solutions Initiative.

Callum Grieve

Climate Change Communications Specialist

Experience: Climate change communications for the United Nations, World Bank, C40, and many more; Co-Founder & Director at Counter Culture; Communications Director at Sustainable Energy for All; Global Communications Director at The Climate Group.

Collaborators & Friends

Earth Cubs

Earth Cubs creates curriculum-aligned educational resources on sustainability for children in the UK. Their materials are a vailable for free.

Bring Back Green

Bring Back Green is a youth-led non-profit in India working on Climate Education, Waste Management Services, and Sustainable Menstruation Practises.

African Climate Alliance

Youth centered affinity group calling for socio-environmental justice in Africa.

Eco Youth Collective

Eco Youth Collective is a group of Singaporean youths aiming to create solidarity between the pre-tertiary institutes (JC, Poly, ITE) in Singapore.

Cherish Aid Foundation

Cherish Aid Foundation is a Youth-led Non profit Organization based in Uganda that focuses on youth livelihood activities with the main emphasis on climate change.


Notion gives us free access to their Notion app. It provides databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars and reminders.